CSA Bangalore Summit 2022

CSA Bangalore Summit 2022


Boundaryless workforces, hyperscale digital transformations, increased reliance on cloud, and growing geopolitical tensions are attracting constant attacks by advanced threat actors. Cybercrime, Cyber warfare, and Ransomware topics are prioritized in boardroom discussions.

CISOs are now challenged to stretch themselves beyond compliance and risk management, and enable businesses with faster, agile, and dynamic security with stronger integrations, intelligence, automation, and orchestration.

CSA Bangalore Summit offers outcome driven talks, workshops, and exclusive networking opportunities to enable CISOs, and cyber security professionals with insights and best practices.

Featured Topics

CSPM Programs

Cloud Infrastructure Security and Vulnerability Management

API Security

API Security tools should not decide our CSP...

Data Security

How secure is your data at rest and in transit ?



Do you know your privacy rights ? How organizations underlook privacy ?

Zero Trust

We get it - Its Fancy and Buzzing everywhere, do you know what it takes ?

Cyber Defense

Do you know where India stands in Cyber Defense in geopolitical warfare ?


Governance Risk and Compliance

How Strong is your GRC Program ?


Do you have the potential to prevent a Ransomware attack ?

Incident Response

How effectively do you deal with a Security Incident ?


Featured Activities

KeyNotesCloud CTFPanel DiscussionWorkshopsNetwork


To be announced soon !


  1. 10:00 AM

    Welcome Note, Cloud Security Alliance - Bangalore

    Cloud Security Alliance Bangalore Chapter to present their Welcome Note

  2. 10:15 AM

    First Keynote Talk

    Cyber warfare and how it is impacting cyber risk in India

  3. 10:45 AM

    Second Keynote Talk

    Topic to be announced soon !

  4. 11:15 AM

    Tea and Networking

  5. 11:30 AM

    Panel Discussion

    How to manage security proactively in multi-cloud era

  6. 12:30 PM

    Lunch and Networking

  7. 1:30 PM

    CxO Workshop (Invite Only)

    Theme : Cyber War Room - Ransomware - Data Breach - Account Takeover

  8. 1:30 PM

    Capture the Flag - Report Out

    Top 3 Selected Teams will present their Capture the flag contest report out

  9. 2:30 PM

    CxO Workshop : Cyber War Room - Report Out

    CxO present their incident response strategy on the Ransonware attack and how they brough back the business back to a well known safe mode state

  10. 3:15 PM

    Sponsor Session 1

    Topic to be announced soon !

  11. 3:30 PM

    Sponsor Session 2

    Topic to be announced soon !

  12. 3:45 PM

    Sponsor Session 3

    Topic to be announced soon !

  13. 4:00 PM

    Tea and Networking

  14. 4:15 PM

    Panel Discussion

    Theme : Zero Trust

  15. 5:00 PM

    Award Ceremony for CTF Winners

    Awarding our Capture the Flag winners with exciting goodies

  16. 5:15 PM

    Vote of Thanks

    Cloud Security Alliance - Bangalore Chapter to present their Vote of Thanks and Closing Statements

  17. 5:30 PM

    Networking and Disperse




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